One of his friend’s birthday was about to come. They wanted to celebrate her birthday and gave her some presents.

Unfortunately, the friend told them that she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday, neither receiving any presents from friends.

So they decided to give her some special surprise.

On one day before her birthday, they visited her home. They took away some of her belongings without informing her.

Nothing happened until her birthday.

On her birthday, they gathered and started showing her birthday presents after dinner. After unpacking the first present, she was surprised to see that it is a vase which looks so similar to the one she owns.

Then she unpacked the second present, she was screaming while she realised that it is a watch, and shouted, “I have one which is exactly the same as this one!”

She continued to unpack the presents without note anything unusual until she opened one which was a photo of she and her mother taken at the time when she was a child. The photo was decorated in a fine frame. She crying when she finally realised that all the presents are from her.